If you are planning to have a new roof installed, the best time to do so within the year is the fall season. Before the winter freezes and after the summer storms, autumn provides the best weather for roof installation to have your house prepared to encounter cold and snow temperature. Although you need to book your reroofing schedule with a roofing company Sioux Falls in advance since a lot of property owners already know the fact that the fall season is the best time to change your roof. Below are some of the reasons why: 

If you want to delay your reroofing project until the middle of winter, then you should think twice. The months from December to March is not the peak season for professional roofers. However, never anticipate employing a roofer during this time at a lower price. Other contractors will surely provide a discount during winter seasons for a roofing job. But, make sure that your money and wallet are ready for the re-roofing expenses.  

One of the reasons why your need to do your reroofing project during the fall is that as soon as a winter storm begins, any present small leaks or holes will virtually and naturally get worse. Not to mention that the danger of ice dams or the heavy snow’s weight alone can be the ultimate recipe for disaster. 

Moreover, shingles usually get more difficult to work with and brittle while the air becomes colder. The manufacturers of shingles commonly suggest installing their products during moments where temperatures reach 26 degrees or more. It’s much simpler to break a brittle and cold shingle while fastening it in place. Meaning, that hand nailing needs to replace the roofing guns, which makes the job pricier, slower, and more complicated.  

The shingles must be sealed properly before winter comes in. This way, they will be prepared to develop a moisture-resistant and airtight barrier against freezing temperatures, Moreover, they are less likely to be put off by extreme winds of winter.  

Fall has the weather conditions that are best to have while replacing roofs. Roofing can be successfully mounted especially on a clear day at a time when the temp is more than 45-50 degrees, especially if you’re utilizing asphalt shingles. This enables the seal trip of the shingles to adhere and melt properly because of the ambient warmth—a procedure recognized as thermal sealing. Simultaneously, your roofer can work better if it is not too hot.  

Hurricanes, rain, and even summer winds can take a toll on your roofing, particularly if it’s almost near the end of its life expectancy. During the summer’s end, make sure to check your roof. You should also do this right after an extreme storm has passed and attended to the roofing issues right away. If you have to purchase a replacement roof, you can save money by performing it based on your personal schedule and not as a rush emergency job of a roofing contractor.